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Friday, March 25, 2005

March Madness Again

Well, my buddy from my alma mater, Coach K, has gone down in defeat. Both the West Point guys have faltered in the Sweet 16. I’m at 50% for tonight, with the Big Ten responsible for my right and wrong choice.

Duke simply didn’t take care of the ball, whether they were turning it over or giving up offensive rebounds. Kudos to Tom Izzo and the unheralded Michigan State Spartans. The Big Ten, by the way, now owns 37.5% of the Elite Eight, and they only sent 5 teams to the tournament! I must admit, I didn’t think much of the Big Ten aside from Illinois…

I’m still going with UK and UNC. I expect big nights from Kelenna Azibuke and Sean May, respectively.

UPDATE: Good gravy, Nova is leading at the half! Hey, I know that the most irrelevant score is the halftime score, but who’d have thunk it, without Sumpter?


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