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Monday, April 25, 2005

Daily Kos - Military Genius

Or not.

I admit I've never been there (although I have been to DU a few times), but I have heard enough to know that DKos is permanently on the other team. Thus, I thoroughly enjoyed this counter to a recent post claimed to be a "spectacular overview" of the Iraq conflict.

Hat Tip: The Jawa Report


  • Man, both sides missed the memo. Liberals are supposed to talk about how the war has gone so well we can bring back the troops while conservatives are supposed to talk about how things still aren't going quite so swimmingly so we must stay around for several more years.

    Old habits die hard, I guess.

    By Blogger Mark, at 4/27/2005 07:32:00 PM  

  • I laughed out loud at this comment!

    "The Moderate Liberal: Providing Occasional Sanity to Team Hammer since 2004"

    By Blogger Hammertime, at 4/28/2005 12:05:00 AM  

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