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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Christian Carnival, 7 September

The Carnival is up. One of our regular visitors, UK John, makes the list, as do some of my semi-regular reads Dadmanly, Penitent Blogger, Psuedo-Polymath (which David of Contrarian Views may find interesting) and Crossroads are on this week's postings as well. Check them out!


  • Hey Flyboy,

    I know you've probably experienced some significant changes in your life as of late. I was just wondering about still in the air support business?
    Cause, although ammo is plentiful and there is no man down as of yet...there is a target rich environment in which a certain foot soldier is under heavy fire. You interested in providing a little air support? Coordinates

    See ya...

    By Blogger David Hunley, at 9/12/2005 06:42:00 PM  

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