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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

...or, another reason why academia is not worth a spit.

My advisor called me last night and told me that rumors have been running amok that link me to a girl in one of my classes. Never mind that such an act of stupidity would ruin my current career and future career, and that I love my wife, my kids, and Jesus. I suspect there are two reasons this has happened. One, college professors and graduate students don't have real jobs (i.e. production demand), so they have time on their hands to gossip. Two, I am one of two conservatives in the department - even though I bury my politics. The other girl (not this one) is pretty much ostracized.

The girl I am linked with happened to be the only person in that class that I really knew, and hence, talk to more than the other students...about baseball. She is a Red Sox fan, not to mention a ridiculously left-leaning liberal. I mock her team, and feign indifference to her praising of Howard Dean. I have never been in a room alone with her, and have only spoken on the phone to her maybe twice - both school related. Mrs. Hammer thinks I might have brought it on myself - 'cause I am dead sexy. Additionally, my professor in yesterday's thread is the head 'gossip queen' of the department, and she is no fan of mine.

The solution is obvious - I cannot call, email or text message this girl, ever again. I'll talk to her in class, but that's it. My personal and professional reputation are too important to jeopardize. It's sad that you can't be nice to someone who isn't overweight or hideous and not be marked as 'chasing' them. Note that the fat girl I talk to all the time in my other class has not been linked to me, further exposing this crap for what it is.

That all said, Mason-Dixon has released a bunch of poll results for states that look good for GWB. Here is the link:

Root around there to see the 'red' swing state numbers, too.


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