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Monday, October 25, 2004

Ranger Challenge

My students were involved in a competition this weekend called 'Ranger Challenge', which is an intense military skills and fitness competition. They ended up playng 16th of 32, which is not bad - but there are a minimum of two scoring mistakes. First, the scorers did not include one of our fitness scores, which reduced our overall score by 10%. Then, on the hand grenade course, a competitor who was not one of ours (with an ABYSMAL score) replaced one of ours, with no way of knowing what ours received. That also likely cost us also 10% of the score for that event. I have to pour over the rest of the packet to see where else it was messed up. Hopefully, we will move up a couple of places.

My boss ticks me off. First, she insists on inserting her ideas into everything, regardless of whether it is needed or not, or whether sucess has already been demonstrated. For example, she decided that someone needed to serve as a 'road guard' while our team was getting ready for the final event - and sent off a piece of equipment with him that we needed right then! Later, when we received our score, she was giggling as she relayed it to me. I wanted to slap her.

Our new leadership team has no personal investment in the success of this program, and they make it pretty clear that things will be done their way, and they don't care if we are successful. That makes it very hard to come to work and be motivated.

On the up side, Bush is up 8 in today's TIPP tracking poll. 4 more years!


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