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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ah, the Tolerant and Diversity Seeking Left

For those who thought that bigotry somehow made one a conservative Republican, I reference this following example of liberal tolerance.

Look, there are plenty of reasons to dislike Michelle Malkin - or any commentator of any persuasion. This window into the minds of some on the left show that hatred, bigotry and intolerance have plenty of places to stay - and just as many on the left as the right.

C.S. Lewis' first book after his conversion, "The Pilgrim's Regress", has a section that points that out - essentially, that the extreme left and the extreme right are more alike than the moderate left and the extreme left, or moderate right and extreme right.

I intend to send this web page of Malkin's to anyone who comments that I am intolerant when I say ,"Jesus is the Way". Unfortunately, that's happened more than once already.

Hat Tip: The Moderate Liberal


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