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Monday, January 17, 2005

What If Clinton Did This?

Mark over at The Moderate Liberal has an an idea.

Basically, when he is irritated with something President Bush has done, he put's President Clinton in the article in question instead, and judges his reaction.

It's a brilliant idea, though it is hard for the human mind to overcome the fact that even when we attempt to be objective, we cannot be 100% so, especially when we already know we are engaging in self deception. I do think his idea is worth using for all of us. If you are a Bush supporter, do the same thing and see if the article irritates you at all.

I think the measure is not, "Do I find this action still acceptable/unacceptable", but actually, "Is my opinion of this action moderated or shifted at all by changing the name?"

I'd say that if your opinion moves an iota, your (or my) opinion is more likely based upon partisanship than not.


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