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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Bachelorette

OK, I fell for it.

Mrs. Hammer loves the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. I tolerate them with "Rome: Total War" on the laptop. I saw the current Bachelorette when she 'won' her shot at the Bachelor. And she snowed me, too.

My impression of Jenn was that she was a generally nice girl with a good heart and pretty face.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

She is vapid. She may be intelligent, but her selection of suitors was based almost entirely upon looks, as was evident in her discussions with her buddies. Then her friends had to caution her about sex. Good grief. Perhaps old Andrew was fooled by her as well, thinking that she was someone who put important things first.

I don't even want to see this one, knowing already what I do about Jenn. However, time in the same room as Mrs. Hammer is pretty darn important to me, so I'll suck it up. Don't expect any more comments from me on it, though. Or on Jenn/Brad. I wouldn't even have known about their breakup if I hadn't read other blogs. My mistake.


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