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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

There's faith...and there's Faith

I have a couple of friends who do missionary work in a place that it is quite prohibited. As such, they are not affiliated with any organization, and rely upon the good Lord to provide to them as necessary along with those friends who have been inspired to do so.

In many ways I envy them. They are on the proverbial 'pointy tip of the spear' in the work of evangelism, by providing physical and spiritual aid to those in need. Also, as my personality is such that I love a challenge, particularly one in the cause of the right (not political right, moral right), I have wanted to do what they do. However, my call is different, and I have wondered why I have not been chosen to do what they do.

Now I know why. I am not worthy.

One of my friends, J, was able to make it to a wedding with me this past weekend. J's life is the embodiment of faith. To wit:

It was $3000 to fly from where he is to the wedding and back. He left his place for the airport with $800 (promised) for a flight that day, on one of the busiest flying days of the year. None of the airlines had a seat. None of the travel agencies had a seat. He somehow was presented with a seat less than an hour before the last flight of the day.

He has, on four separate occasions, not had any food in the house and prayed for food to be provided for his family. Each time it was. They have never missed a meal, despite drawing well under what they need in money every month. There are no charitable organizations supporting his family.

He has been confronted with the physical manifestations of demons, which most of us would scoff at. I would not have believed it from a lesser man, but I do not doubt him one bit. The enemy knows that those of is in the U.S. have other weaknesses besides supernatural forces to worship - like money. I read a line in "Prince Caspian" last night to my son that goes something like this:

"They don't believe in Talking Beasts. They are the same people that do not believe in Aslan, and so you shouldn't be surprised that they do not believe in us."

He has never lied to the authorities about his purposes or used deception to mask them. He has had seemingly impossible situations alleviated through sudden appearances of individuals with the equipment of personality to perfectly alleviate the situation (likely angels).

I was humbled by his faith and acutely aware of how weak my own is. I have been inspired to redouble my efforts at obedience and the seeking of His face. While I may never be called to such a life of faith, there is no good reason to not be ready for it.


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