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Monday, January 03, 2005

If You Can Read This Bumper Sticker...

It’s over. It’s hard to fathom after over a year of news, rumors, campaigning and advertising, but the election of 2004 is six weeks over by now. Unfortunately, some people won’t let go.

You’ve seen them. They have four stickers on their car, but what is on them can vary. It might be “W, the President”, “W ‘04”, “Bush-Cheney ‘04”, and “Bush-Cheney Farm/Ranch Team”. On the other hand, and unfortunately, more likely, they say, “Kerry-Edwards ‘04”, “No Blood for Oil”, “War is Terrorism”, and “Kucinich for President”.

To quote a certain loser of a recent election, “Wake up, America!” In this case, it should actually be, “Wake up, political junkies!” The rest of us have had more than our fill of signs, ads, phone calls, solicitations, direct mail and internet updates to last us at least until 2008. I’ll admit that I left my yard sign up for a week after Election Day, just like I did after the governor was elected. I figured that the supporters of the winners get a week of showing that they supported the winner – but that the loser’s signs should come down that day. I also left my bumper stickers on my car for about two weeks – more due to laziness than anything else. Really, what’s the use of having a political ad for the elections of November the 2nd on your property on December the 10th?

Our publicly displayed messages on our property tell others about us. Some show our sense of humor: “If you’re rich, I’m single”, or, “If you can read this sticker, back off!”. Others show our strong beliefs in our values: “Jesus is the Way”, “Save the whales”, and “Proud to be an American”. Some of our messages indicate our desire to encourage others to support a cause: “Support our troops” or "KLOVE 89.9". Then, of course, there are those that identify us as possible nut jobs: “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead, fingers”, “Witches for separation of church and state”, and “BusHitler”.

Don’t’ we realize what the messages are that we are sending – or do we not care? A political sticker with the winner’s name on it, at this point, indicates that we are lazy. Also, normal political stickers, “Kerry-Edwards ‘04” or “Dr. Dan Mongiardo, U.S. Senate”, likely indicates the same. So get your putty knife, the Gum-Off, and remove that bold label of laziness from your car, truck, or SUV. If we want to be taken seriously, we have to at least keep up with the calendar.

Oh, and if you still have one of those “Re-Defeat Bush” stickers on your car, just leave it. We benefit from knowing who you are ahead of time.


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