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Monday, December 13, 2004

Time to Increase the Difficulty Level

Since Friday, I finished that season undefeated and ranked #3 headed into the bowl season. I was wrong about the BCS bowls, and was selected to play in the Orange Bowl against Big East champ West Virgina - on whom I laid a mountaineer-sized stompin', 28-0. My defense is officially scary. I lost my best LB and spent big recruiting bucks to keep my Star wideout until his senior year, and replaced my right guard while picking up some other necessary personnel.

It is very hard for me to get offensive players but easy to get defense, and I figured out why - I am ranked #1 in total defense, run defense and pass defense every year, partially due to true talent on my players part, but largely due to the 5 minute quarters. For the saem reasons, I am ranked in the bottom 20 percent of offenses as well. Hence, good offensive players aren't intially attracted to me. However, I can't stomach a video game that takes 2 hours to complete a session, so that won't change much.

This season I scheduled Tennessee (#19) away and Oklahoma (#6) at home (!) for my non-conference slate, and replaced Air Force (which isn't manadatory, just Navy is) with Colorado State, who was last year's #2. I walked out of Rockytop a 24-10 winner and shut out Oklahoma. It is now too easy. I think I will raise the difficulty level of the game to make it more fun - since I have 3 years left on my Army contract, and I don't think you get offers while under contract, I'll probably wait until I change teams. I am hoping Army gets an offer to change conferences, too - likely to the Big East. We'll see.


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