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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

More Videogame Nonsense

I do promise to abandon my boring recounting of my Playstation2 escapades...later. No one reads this anyway.

That first season finished 4-9, which is 4 wins better than Army actually did in 2003. The next season, after some hard recruiting work, I went 5-7. I also found this out:

Nothing is more important than an offensive player's HANDS rating. I had an average turnover ratio of -2.3 this simulated year. -2.3! That means I turned it over more than twice more than my opponents did - per game! How I got to 5-7 is beyond me.

Thankfully I beat Navy both years, so I kept my job. Oh, I also learned something else:

The only thing that is almost as important as the 'hands' rating is recognizing coverage. I am an interception throwing fool. I mean, right-in-the-chest-of-a-stationary-opposing-player kind of interception fool.

Then, I lost a TON of players - but, since I beat Notre Dame on national TV that year, I had a LOT more interest. I went from the 94th best recruiting team to the 32nd best, bagging a blue chip recruit DE who is leading the team in sacks. My starting QB, FS, SS, TE, best WR and some other starters are all my recruits, most from this period.

The good news - I am 7-1, with the only loss a 4 point loss to Auburn (ranked #5 at the time) in the last minute. I am also in the running for coach of the year! The bad news - my freshman FS, who leads the team in tackles and inteceptions, just broke his fibula. I think that Houston will win the conference title over me, since they run the Run and Shoot, my cornerbacks suck, and my star safety is in the fetal position on the sidelines. Hey, I will still make a bowl at 10-2, and will probably get a new job offer. I haven't decided if I'll take it or stick with Army.

Time to go home. God bless America!


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