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Monday, November 22, 2004

Army Football


Yes, I know that Bobby Ross has led them to two wins this season (equaling the win total of the last three season COMBINED), but they are still sorry.

They are even crummy in video games. Mrs. Hammer let me get a used copy of NCAA 2004 (EA Sports), and I used Army until 3am last night in Dynasty mode. After a thumping by Duke (28-7, with 5 min quarters, and I run the triple option...), I pulled out wins against perennial powerhouse Rutgers and Conference USA beast Tulane. I followed that with thrashings by several teams, including UAB, South Florida, and Loiusville. I didn't even get a first down against UAB! I can run for around 100 yards with the fullback up the middle, but everything else is so impotent, it makes me want to quit. But the fun of the game is team-building. I'll let you know how it goes.

Notre Dame is my 'favorite team' in the game, but they are really good, so it takes the challenge out of it. I prefer using a sorry team and taking them to the BCS bowl in 5 years. I did it with the Devil Rays in MVP Baseball (EA) and Columbia(!) in March Madness (EA), so now football will be next!

It's a lot better than watching punk NBA players hit each other and stupid fans. David Stern, listen to me:


They have fostered that kind of attitude, going back to when Latrell Sprewell choked his coach, PJ Carlissemo. I heard PJ was a big jerk. Sometimes I think lots of people are jerks, but if I choke them, I should go to jail, not get a multi-million dollar contract from the Knicks. Get it?


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