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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Aftermath...and the Future

Well, thank the Almighty, George W. Bush is the new POTUS. While it may not have particularly pleased my super sister and her way cool husband (it's forgivable, they are in a Blue state in the media business - who can blame them?), My Mom, Dad, Wife, Mom & Pop-in-Laws, and any friends worth having are all pleased. Even my felon of a cousin is glad - and the laws only get tougher under the Right. No, the only people who are unhappy are those who are depicted in this fabulous video:

While I do not beleive that most than half of the Kerry supporters were of this ilk,the fact remains that most of the Kerry squad did not dissociate themselves from the rabid left-wing. Oh, we have our nutjobs on the right, but we shut them in the closet a few years back, saying, "Sure, you can be on our team. Sit there nice and quitely, and we'll give you PB&J and a ballot every other year or so." Instead, the Dems have given to letting the radical leftists be their bullhorn. Until that stops, the Right will win over and over.

More power to 'em.

What will I talk about with no election coming up? Well, it's taken me two weeks to come up with...whatever I want. I think I have one more hit than when I started (Mrs. Hammer), so I ain't doin' it for anyone else anyhow. It's my therapy.


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