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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Army Football Redux

So, now that I had finished the exam for this week, I engaged in more mindless NCAA Football. I started my Army season over because I had some trouble with the 'Profile' part of the game. This time I decided to use the Army playbook, figuring that maybe the reason that I could't effectively run the triple option with Army might be....because they don't have triple option players anymore!

Game 1: UConn 14, Army 10. Not good. 4 turnovers

Game 2: Army 10, Rutgers 7. Where are my points? I am passing for five times as much as before...and rushing for a third of the previous.

Game 3: Army 20, Tulane 14 (3 OT). I missed four field goals in this game and threw three picks. Tulane must suck.

I am playing on the 'Varsity' level, which is one above 'Pop Warner', I believe.

All that, and I got to sleep in until 8:30 AM, which is bloody amazing. Of course, since I was up until 2:30 with the virtual sons of slum and gravy, it wasn't as nice as it should have been.


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