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Monday, December 06, 2004

The Evolution of an NCAA Team

So, at last check in, I was 7-1 with a projected finish of 10-2. I actually finished the season 11-1, the Conference USA champion, and ranked #20. A 31-0 pasting of sally-boy Navy put my team on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and I was off to the Liberty Bowl.

Here was the challenge. Although Colorado State was ranked #2 in the AP Poll, they were #3 in the BCS, so they didn't get the national championship game. Also, the video game is set up so that the 4 BCS bowls have the consensus #1 and #2, and the champions of the Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, PAC-10 and ACC. Colorado State met none of those requirements, so they went to - you guessed it - the Liberty Bowl. However, I won Coach of the Year, a 6 year contract for big bucks, and a raising of my team's prestige from 1 to 2 stars (out of 6). CSU then laid a 24-3 whup on me, exploiting my lack of a free safety with any wheels.

Recruiting was good as far as quality of recruits, as I bagged the 17th best class in the country. The only problem was, they were all defensive linemen, cornerbacks and linebackers. I have one of the worst kickers and right guards in all of college football, and couldn't get a replacement for either. Also, my halfback, who was the best rated player on the team, graduated, and his replacement is less reliable. Turnovers are tough again this year. A game against ECU that should have been a blowout was a 21-17 squeaker due to three turnovers that were either returned for touchdowns or within my 20. I also only have two wideouts that don't drop over 50% of passes, and no backup quarterback worth noting. All that said, I defeated two top 25 teams (Arizona State and Louisville) and Michigan State - but lost to Tulane (10-3) and TCU (24-22). At 7-2 I am third in C-USA behind them, ranked #30 and still in the running for coach of the year for my three year record at a crummy school. We shall see...a bowl win against a weaker team might be better than a beat down by USC or something, don't you think? If I can't recruit a better kicker and offensive linemen, next year is going to crap out. As it is, the game is telling me that I'll get offers from other schools after this year. I want to stay with Army until they are excellent, then move on to some other chump school. It's more fun at the bottom.

Mrs. Hammer is OK, as is the baby. Her broken ankle, while being pregnant, makes it harder for her to get around, but she is a trooper indeed. I plan on being home more while she is injured, though.


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