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Friday, December 10, 2004

On Brave Old Army Team!

The season finished well - 10-2 and a bid to the GMAC Bowl in Mobile, Alabama vs. Toldeo, the 2nd place team in the MAC. Team Army rolled to a 24-3 victory and final ranking of #25! I basically stopped using the halfback altogether, and ran with my QB. Good thing he is tough, if not fast or a great passer.

The offseason went very well, with Army bagging the #15 recruiting class. I scored a bluechip QB, DT and MLB, and some high quality defenders in general, as well as a good halfback. I replaced my walk-on kicker who couldn't hit over 40 yards with one who was only a 2 star (out of 5), but still better than the walk-on. I also managed to replace my pathetic left guard, who led the team in sacks allowed by allowing an many as the rest of the team combined.

Stuff that went poorly in the draft - no OL over 3 stars, and somehow I managed to cut the best player on my team - my free safety! Grrr. I was able to convince my star wideout (over 1000 yds receiving in a ball control offense with 5 minute quarters) to stay another year, however. I intend to throw him the ball less often to keep him until his senior year!

I scheduled some tough non-conference games, too. With mandatory games against Air Force and Navy, and 8 conference matchups, I can only schedule two non-conference games. I promptly scheduled #16 LSU and #8 Pitt - and beat both! LSU was a 31-0 stomping, and I scraped by Pitt 17-12 (really it was 14-12, but I kicked a field goal at the end to make it look better!) I followed that with a 37-0 thrashing of Tulane (how did they beat me last year?), a 24-14 win over South Florida, rumbling TCU 17-7, and delivering a 27-0 shutout of Louisville. I am currently ranked #4 in the polls and the BCS. Last year no team went undefeated. This is important becuase I have to be the BCS #1 or #2 to make a BCS bowl, since I am in Conference USA. If I am not, I would likely play (you guessed it) Colorado State in the Liberty Bowl - who is also currently undefeated and ranked #3. Ohio State and USC make up the top two.

My new halfback is a beast, who averages over 5 yds per rush. Awesome! I rolled up 350 yds of offense against Louisville, rushing for 100 and passing for 200 with my QB. Remember, 5 minute quarters, running the clock down to two on any play that the game clock is running. Hooah!

You know, I may not stop babbling about video games. I realized why I do it - I don't have anyone to talk to it about. My wife cares as much about my team on the cover of virtual SI as I do about a new recipe for pot roast - and God bless her for it!


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