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Friday, December 17, 2004

Discovering the Keys

Well, after an interception-fest of an Orange Bowl, Army wins 40-3. Then I found out a bit about coaching changes:

1) You are only offered jobs at the end of a season.
2) You only get offered one job.
3) You can get a job at most schools by choosing "Quit Job" on the 'Positions' portion of the 'Coaching Strategy' menu.
4) You can only get a job at a 5 star or 6 star school by them offering it to you - you can't get it by quitting your job.

I was offered the job atUSC, but I have no desire to lead them, so I says "No". Then I recruited some players, and I had lost a lot of talent - specifically my star wideout and some excellent O-line, who are hard for me to recruit. I filled all the slots I needed to and got he top recruiting class in the country. Gee, you mean kids want to go to a winner?

So I saved it and quit my job to see what would happen. I actually chose not to take a job, and simulated the season for fun. Army, without my mad skillz, went 9-3, losing all of their non-conference games to ranked opponents - USC by 1, Auburn by 2, and Notre Dame by 6. Since I want to see how teams move through conferences, I'll stay at Army until my tenure is up. I think I'll go to Alabama after that, which is currently a 3-star school.

I added some new links to the blogroll, and removed the double-shot link to Hot Abercrombie Chick, after a recent praising of 'Dimebag Darrel' and his metal guitar skills reveals that she is in fact a he. However, the commentary is still smart, so I left it on the blogroll.


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