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Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Big Game

I have run the table for the season for the second straight year. At the end of all of my games except Navy, which is preceded by two bye weeks, I was ranked #2 in the Coaches Poll, #3 in the AP, and #3 in the BCS by less than .5. I didn't see an out - USC wouldn't lose, and LSU's remaining opponents looked easy. Enter UCLA for USC's final game and a 6 point loss by the Trojans. The next week, LSU lost the SEC Championship to a 7-4 Florida team. Woohoo!

I simulated the Navy game to a suprising 40-7 win, had my star wideout win the top receiver of the year award (1600 yds, 19 TD), and had my sophomore strong safety - who picked up the slack when I accidentally cut my star free safety - selected as a first team All-American. Yes! All that remains is to ride my 32 game winning streak to the national championship in the Orange Bowl against Miami.

I will definitely raise the difficulty level...but when? I want to see what kind of offers I get for the coach and the team first. Unfortunately, I don't know if I have to quit my job to see other offers to the coach. Probably. I've been at Army for 6 seasons, which is plenty, I think. I'll probably do the draft first, just to see the kind of players one can get with a 5-star prestige team and national champion.

Since my fire for NCAA Playstion2 football is bound to decline, I've considered shifting the blog to a discourse on politics and theology. It should be fun - for me, at least.


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