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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Roll Tide

The summary of season one with Bama - 14-0, a Fiesta Bowl win over Nebraska and a final ranking of #3. The only really close game was against LSU, who led 14-0 at halftime en route to a 17-14 Tide victory. I dredged up the 9th rated recruiting class, but no 'blue chip' recruits. Still, two starters will be freshmen, which probably attests more to weakness at those positions then their strengths. The neatest part of the preseason was seeing that the number one pre-season pick for the Heisman is a wide receiver that I drafted with Army, and that Army is the number 4 preseason pick. The brutal non-conference schedule I selected for them left them with three losses, but still number 7 in the BCS. It's nice to see the kids doing well after you go...

It's off to the post office to send in some bills to the insurance company. How distasteful the whole process is - more because of the exorbitant costs than the system, though. Tomorrow I'll juggle baby-watching with marketing purchases. It should be fun!


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