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Monday, December 20, 2004

Weekend Games

To be brief, I ran the table for the next two seasons, including the BCS. After a second #1 recruiting class, I was left with the 15th one the following year. I actually raised the difficulty level prior to the third year, but since I had an A rated team, winning was still pretty easy. I had some closer games against Maryland and Miami (7 point wins), but routed USC in the title game. At this point I had a year left on my contract with Army, but quit the job to find a different challenge.

Now I'm at the University of Alabama, which wasn't a bad team to start with - but I wanted to use a classic team in a good conference with the tougher difficulty rating. This is for sure - Alabama can run the ball. I probably run 7 rushing plays for every pass play and have reasonable success. I am 8-0 on the year, and ranked #12, but the games are closer. The D is stifling, as I think I have only allowed 13 points over the season. I have been kicking a LOT of field goals. I'll probably quit Bama after the three year contract is up, since I expect to win a championship by then. I'll then increase the difficulty level to the highest and embark on a campaign to turn Morehead State University into an NCAA powerhouse!

Actually, I started that separately with my son, who is ten. It was fun to make the team colors, stadium, etc. I made that team decent so he wouldn't get frustrated. He knows little about football, as he had little contact with it before we met three years ago, and has minimal interest. But, normal adult males know football, so I'm doing what I can to make it interesting to him. While I prefer to do something besides a video game with him, I'll take what I can to propel him toward 'normalcy' and away from skateboarding and such crap.

Work will be slow the next two weeks, which gives me a great chance to catch up and organize. My most important task is to prepare for the transition of my job to someone else, so I'll be working on a contunuity file as well during the next month. I had NOTHING when I took over, so it will be leaving the job better than I took it.

Note: Do not put a screensaver of your favorite female recording artist on a computer you bring home, even if it is classy and tasteful. There's really no benefit, and some definite potential downside. Trust me on this.


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