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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Brooklyn Heights

Believe it or not, another undefeated season at Bama once again failed to earn them the National Championship. One of the game's flaws is how it really fails to take strength of schedule into account for anything except the 'SOS' portion of the BCS. All the computer rankings are always within one, plus or minus, of the polls. The polls also unrealisticly place teams like North Texas (Sun Belt Conference) and Colorado State (Mountain West) ahead of the first place SEC or Big Ten teams with unblemished records. Oddly enough, Army won the National Championship this year! My third season at Bama I scheduled Colorado State (I was unable to schedule North Texas) and found that they were pretty tough - I beat them 6-0. I also slid by Maryland 9-3, but those tough wins helped me to a #2 ranking at the end of the season, where I beat Miami 3-0 (yes, three-to-zero!) for the national champonship. Defense wins championships.

I also found that your coach prestige is merely the same as your school prestige. I left Bama and took Wyoming just to test that, and found it true. That's unfortunate, because if Steve Spurrier went to Kentucky to coach, he'd get better players than Rich Brooks does. Additionally, I discovered that you can only play a created school at the beginning of a dynasty. So, I deleted the file, and made "Brooklyn Heights University", out of Brooklyn, NY, a 'Cupcake' team. I did alter their sophomore running back to the level of awesome, but left everyone else as they were. After losses to BC and Minnesota, I won five Div 1-AA games, lost to MTSU, and beat Duke, San Diego State, and Arkansas State. This exposed the game's weakness to schedule strength, as I won 'coach of the year', primarily on the back of my 5 wins over div 1-AA opponents. After all, 4-3 against 1-A, none of which were top 25 teams (obviously) is not much to talk about. I was even able to recruit a blue chip strong safety, and had the 9th best recruiting class, and for a horrible team! The next season began with a 33-7 win over Army (who was back to terrible, since I started over) and Columbia. Some more weak D-1 teams await, plus Notre Dame at the end of the season.

Just so you know, I don't actually play many of these games - I simulate those that have foregone results or either losses or wins. I do have a life, you know. If I mention a score, I played it, as well as a few that I don't mention the score - but most are simulated. Winning 41-0 or losing by the same is not worth playing.


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