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Monday, March 28, 2005

I still love March Madness, but...

It was tough to watch UK go down last night.

Spark's prayer three at the end of regulation seemed to be a guarantee of a win. But, just like defense got UK back into it, MSU's defense kept them alive. UK blew it at the end of the first overtime when they failed to get off a decent shot. That was inexperience at work, I believe. UK will be tough next year, but I don't see anyone on the bench that can fill Chuck Hayes' shoes...

Perhaps the worst thing about the loss is that the radio will be full of morons who say that "Rick Pitino would have won that game". Tubby Smith and Tom Izzo are Hall of Fame bound - I don't think Adolph Rupp would have done any better.

I think that whoever wins the Illinois - Louisville game will win it all. UNC and MSU (and UK) just didn't look like they had what it takes.


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