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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Interviewee: DH

I actually didn't expect anyone to take me up on my interview few regular readers are more philosophers than chatty types, but David of Rowan Review threw his hat inthe ring, so here goes:

1) Rowan Review is not a typical blog. Tell us about what it is and why you established it.

2) You have some prior military service - which makes you a good chap in my book to start with! What was your favorite thing about the military, and why did you elect to end your service?

3) You don't seem to menton local or national level sports very often. Are you a sports fan?

4) You call yourself a libertarian. What or who do you think was the most formative person or event in your embrace of the libertarian view?

5) In your area you have a state university. What do you see are the primary pros and cons of the university, both in its impact upon students and its impact upon the community?

David will post his answers on his site, after which I'll link directly to it above.


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