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Friday, May 20, 2005

Filibuster Showdown

I have to admit, I think the current "back room negotiations" are kind of cool. Isn't that how real decisions get made in a deliberating body?

That said, if the Dems don't want Frist's compromise, they aren't interested in defeating "extremists". Any "extremist" would be voted against by the seven Republicans involved in the talks. The situation is that the Dems want to say who goes and who doesn't. The filibuster is just the tool. The more coverage this gets, especially with Sen. Reid's "shutdown", the worse the left looks.

Also, the Dems wouldn't offer to confirm Brown, Owens and Pryor if they didn't fear the game was up. I say go for the big one! At this point, the Republicans only lose unless they try it.


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