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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Faith and Politics - An Addendum

Today I was supposed to on the faith and science's mutual need for each other - but I ran across a story that has me fuming:

Catholic School Slammed for Admitting Sons of Homosexual Couple
By David Thibault Managing Editor
January 05, 2005

( - Twin five-year old boys are at the center of the latest cultural clash in California, following the decision by their parents - two homosexual men -- to enroll the boys in a Catholic school in Costa Mesa.

The superintendent of schools for the Catholic diocese of Orange County has reportedly defended the enrollment of the two boys at St. John the Baptist School, but a prominent conservative group has warned that the homosexual couple's children might try to brainwash their classmates about homosexuality.


Unbelievable. I should note that I have never heard of the "California-based Campaign for Children and Families" so I doubt that it is a "prominent" group (since I follow such things). But what the heck is going on here?

We know that children pay a price for their parents' sins already - think alchololics, felons, child molesters, etc. Why must we punish them too? Where did Christ say to punish the children of sinners? Why should these children be denied an educational environment where they can learn of the love of Christ, something that would not be found in public schools?

Is there any group more in need of the good news of Christ than the children of unrepentant sinners? Must we consign them all to a similar future? I don't know that I've ever seen anything more un-Christian in my life. It's stupid and hateful, words I seldom use to describe anything. How about the school expels the child of these objecting parents, who are acting in an un-Christian manner? Would that make sense? Of course not, and neither does the converse.

I'd say I am speechless, but since I have said a lot, it wouldn't be true. I'd like to show these jokers the reason I earned the nickname "The Hammer" in the boxing ring. Of course, that's not very Christian either - but the targets would be a lot more worthy of attack than these 5-year old children would.

This is a crystal clear example of the almost universally negative consequence of confusing faith with politics or anything else. The group involved likely does a lot of work to counter pro-homosexual activities, some of which may be very good...but this is not. I do not support homosexual marriage, but I don't think we should treat them or their families as anything less than other people - and that is what is happening here.

God help us to see what is truth and what is a lie, and to discern the faithful from the pretenders.


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