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Monday, January 31, 2005

Postcards from Buster

It seems that the left can't get enough of calling any action by conservatives to defend the family an attack on cartoon characters.

Today's USA Today has an article about Secretary of Education Spelling sending a letter to PBS about a filmed "Postcards from Buster" episode which featured a lesbian couple. She was concerned about the show promoting homosexuality and not meeting its mission, which is to "promote diversity and tolerance in modern America for school aged children". One might wonder how this particular episode does not meet that mission. The show has featured several non-traditional families and families of different religions - why not a homosexual couple with children?

Ok. So where is the line drawn. How about a family that practices 'consensual' incest? A family with Satan worshippers? A family that is on drugs? A family that believes that ritualistic torture is family fun?

Clearly, children of any parents should not be discriminated agaist because of who their parents or guardians are...but no one is pressing for the above types of families, who all exist and are all likely to be considered 'abnormal'. Why not?

The goal of the show is to show that these kids are ok, by demonstrating that their family is OK. We don't (Christians should not) discriminate against signle moms or dads, blended families, or families of other religions in the respect we give them. Similarly, we do not blame children for their parents' choices. On the other hand, we do not tell our children that it is ok for parents to be criminals or to abuse their children. If the show featured royally screwed up families, and focused on the humanity and value of the children, then I would not have a problem with this episode.

However, that is not what this show does. It attepts to promote 'tolerance and diversity' through normalizing the state of the parents. Divorcees often have no say in their divorce, nor do many single parents. Blended families are harder to succeed with than regular ones, and those parents were the above mentioned divorcees or widows(ers). Homosexual couples choose the gay lifestyle and go to great lengths to have children in a relationship that would otherwise not. It's not genetic, it's not normal, and shouldn't be portrayed as such - particularly as PBS is paid for with my tax dollars and yours (over 40% givernment funded, to be more precise).

Note how 'tolerance and diversity' are again at the center of a homosexual issue. They are the buzzwords of the radical homosexual agenda. Be alert whenever they crop up.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, the government is NOT forcing PBS to stop the show from airing. PBS claims it had pulled the episode before they received Secretary Spelling's letter, but some (10, as of now) of PBS' affiliates still plan to air it. The feds are asking for their money back for that episode, which seems pretty reasonable.


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