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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Who Can Know the Mind of God?

I was reading one of my friends' blogs over at Diary of a Palindrome, and this came to mind.

When Mrs Hammer warns me about being careful on the road, or the roof, or in the ring, I almost always reply, "God hasn't put me on this path to take me away in a car wreck/household accident/blow to the head now."

I thought of that because I have friends who live very dangerous lives for Christ. They aren't doing things like protests in D.C., which has little risk, but they are doing dangerous things for Christ. I thought, "Wow, they've already made such an impact. They could go at any moment!"

Who can know the mind of the Almighty? Who can see His purposes? My prayer is that my obedience, random and meager as it may be, is used for mighty works of God, and that He is glorified through my life and death.

That said, I really want my friends, family, and myself to live a real long time. I pray that, too.


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