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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Barry Bonds is a Big Fat Loser

...anda whiny punk.

Barry says, "I take repsonsibility for my action, I'm an adult", then goes on to say that no one should point out that he has been CHEATING. He blames racism, reporters, Jose Canseco, and anyone but himself.

Barry, we don't care if you are black. It's not 1950 in Birmingham. We care because, through your steriod-abusing actions and current attitude about it, you tell everyone that it is OK to cheat. You point a finger at others and say, "You have problems too." That's like saying, "You have nose hair." The statement is true, but it has no relevance to the discussion.

When journalists were cheating (Jayson Blair, Dan Rather, Eason Jordan) they are castigated. Why should you be exempt? Why is it OK to call Canseco a spade, but not you? Because you are a better ballplayer? You seem to think so.

My son used to like Barry Bonds. Not anymore, because even a child knows that cheating is wrong. Too bad that Barry still doesn't get it.


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