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Friday, February 11, 2005

The Far Left and Militant Islam - Bedfellows?

Two items on this Ward Churchill fellow:

One, my school newspaper has an editorial claiming that his "Free Speech rights are being abridged". Listen up, Ward (or Natalie Means - Dixie Chick - or Linda Rondstadt). The government has not oppressed you for your speech. Your fellow citizens have reacted to your inanity. Maybe you should take high school civics class again to be reminded of what free speech is protected from. It is not a license to say anything, anytime. It is a prohibition on the government. That's it.

If you haven't heard about him, check here at My Pet Jawa. He is a radical leftist who supports radical Islam through his actions. Not only were his remarks fairly repugnant, he has lied repeatedly about his Indian heritage (it seems to be non-existent) and is under investigation for academic fraud.

Sound familiar? Thankfully, Dr. Shackleford also has a post today on the next easy example of the bizzare hand holding by the Far Left and Militant Islam - Lynne Stewart. I already had read her tale in National Review a few months ago - she even made the cover. Congratulations, Lynne. While NPR played your tearful "I only did what a lawyer is supposed to do" during Morning Edition, we were all thinking, "If lawyers are supposed to help terrorist leaders communicate with their followers and make press releases for them, even after they have signed their name agreeing not to do so, then we REALLY need to get rid of some lawyers. Lots of them. Today."

Hammertime does not promoe violence against lawyers, since he even has a lawyer friend. I can assure you that Ms. Stewart's actions are NOT what a lawyer is supposed to do in that situation. Here's a great quote from her.

UPDATE: Ace's article is even better than Dr. Rusty's - but also more vulgar. There are times when I think I'd like to talk like that about these things. I even did, on a trip to and from Virginia, while listening to Rush and Hannity. Good thing I can't get them on the radio here in the holler.

UPDATE 2: Check out David Horowitz's Front Page articles here and here for thoughtful commentary on the conclusions and run up to the trial, respectively.


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