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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Master of Science

While that may have been my self-appointed moniker previously, it now applies in a more official sense. I successfully defended my psychopharmacological research yesterday to the faculty - praise the Lord! I was excited to learn that I can get either an MS or an MA for the degree, and will be choosing the MS to go with my BS in Chemistry.

Psychology is a squishy science, if it can be called a science at all. What drew me to neuropsychology for a research interest was its relative objectivity, compared to social, developmental, or personality psychology. Measurements of actual biological or chemical actions or reactions are a lot less open to interpretation than the feelings or memories of people, that's for sure.

I've learned a lot while taking this degree - which was the point. While I will be completing courses on marriage & family therapy as well as learning through May, it looks good for a degree and likely selection as graduate student of the year for the department. My politics make it harder, but enough of the faculty try to be impartial that I think I'll squeak through - Lord willing!


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