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Monday, January 31, 2005

Buster Redux

You know, I posted on Buster because I saw the USA Today article - but I wanted to do it a couple of days ago in response to Mark's post. However, it wasn't supposed to be what I put today.

What I wanted to post was not actually about the Buster program, but the following events, particularly Good Morning America's interview with the lesbian couple. Originally, Stephen Bennett, a former homosexual, was scheduled to appear on the show with the lesbian couple, to present the other side of the issue.

However, the lesbian couple refused to appear on the show with Mr. Bennett. Even when he let GMA know that he would only speak with love and compassion toward the lesbian women, they still said no. GMA caved in to the homosexuals and Mr. Bennett was cancelled.

Who is showing tolerance? Where is the desire for diversity? The full story is here. Read it and understand - this is almost NEVER about tolerance, and only about pushing an agenda. The radical homosexuals know that the strongest testimony against them is that of former homosexuals. Look into how they are regarded and treated by homosexual activists, and you'll see bigotry and hatred at its worst.


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