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Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraqis Defy Insurgents, Embrace Democracy

That's the headline in today's liberal Lexington Herald-Leader. The Left has egg on its face, and freedom has won another battle. More headlines:

"Millions vote despite sporadic violence"

"Voting a victory for security forces"

"Voting has Arabs worried, hopeful"

"Iraqis make it to the polls, despite tumult"


"An enormous day in Iraq" - USA Today

People being takne to the polls in carts & wheelchairs; blind men and women being led; police helping the elderly up stairs; the infirm and disabled carried by friends and family members; a baby born in a polling station because its mother would not miss her chance to vote.

Those are the pictures of freedom and hope in action. The picture of petty, whiny leftists?

"How can you call an election legitimate when everyone isn't allowed to vote?"

John Freakin' Kerry. Like Algore, he shows his true colors AFTER he loses. Thank the Almighty he didn't win.


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