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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Should I Bother?

Probably not. Normally, I don't respond to characterizations of me that are silly. That's why I stopped contributing to the site in my blogroll "The Village Gate", where those on the other side of the aisle would call me names instead of dealing with the facts. However, I just noticed that, buried in the middle of a genuine issue post, a fellow blogger whom I greatly respect referred to me as "He is a terribly misguided conservative enslaved to tradition, unable to see the value in loving, caring couples different than himself".

Let's make this clear: disapproval of behavior IN NO WAY indicates a lack of respect, love or regard for another human being. It does not indicate an inability to see value in a person. I love my parents, and they both have behaviors of which I disapprove. Don't people get it? I don't have to agree with male anal sex and homosexual marriage to love my brother-in-law! Get a freaking grip!

There are those who hate gays. There are those who disapprove of homosexual behavior and disparage homosexuals. Then there are followers of Christ, who love our neighbor, no matter what he or she may do, do not approve of sin, but do not stick our finger in their chests and tell them - unless asked. Then we tell them lovingly, with no finger involved at all.

Rant complete. I now return you to your regularly scheduled, slightly less emotional pastings.


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