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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Abortion Was NEVER Found in the Constitution!

I was reading today's post over at Dr. Mohler's website. In addition to his daily post, he has the text from his remarks at the "Justice Sunday" presentation. I had heard some of them on the radio, so I checked out the rest of the speech. I found this:

We've learned the importance of the electoral process, and yet we're also discovering that that third branch of government, the judiciary, is so very, very important. We've been watching court cases come down the line. In 1973, Roe V. Wade. Just declaring a woman's right to an abortion. We now know in the aftermath of that decision, that Justice Blackmun, who was the author of the majority opinion, even has admitted that they were determined to legalize abortion, and they just went to the Constitution to try to find an argument that will get them where they wanted to go. And they did.

Now that was a wake-up call for Americans to say, now wait a minute. There's nothing in the Constitution about abortion. By no stretch of the imagination did the founders of this nation, and the framers of that document, intend for anyone to be able to read those words and find a right to kill unborn children. But judges found it.

My first reaction was to assume he was making conjecture. However, Dr. Al is not the conjecture type. He is a rock solid theologian and speaker, and although my pastor says he is "a 5-point Calvinist", I've never heard him say anything wrong when I have had the chance to read or hear him. So, I checked it out.

I found this.

An excerpt:

The recent release of the Blackmun papers has brought to light many of the decisions of the Supreme Court during Balckmun’s time on the bench. One of the most important revelations from these texts is that the Roe-v-Wade decision was not based on solid logic but on the situational ethics needed to justify an immoral end...

It was only because the Justices, and particularly Blackmun, had a desired outcome that the decision was hammered to fit as a right for women as opposed to the killing of a child. Without minimizing the struggle of the thousands of people fighting to end abortion, the knowledge that the decision was primarily based on pre-determined opinion and situational ethics means that it is only necessary to change the justices or the situation to overturn the decision.

Read the whole thing.

Did you notice that? I'll link the Blackmun papers below if I can find them (for original sourcing), but the revelation that Roe v. Wade was clearly an exercise in making the Constitution fit what the majority wanted has been kept VERY quiet. It also destroys the arguments of the left that judges have not been and are not "activist". Blackmun and his pals made law that day. 43 million children have paid for it since.

I think I may add this to my sidebar. It will be, to many, a revelation.

The website with a lot of info on Justice Blackmun, but not his personal notes on how he made his decisions, is here. Unfortunately, the on-line resource does not give us the answer we seek - so I assume Dr. Mohler to be correct.


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