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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Today's Evolutionary Stumper

From National Geographic.

"The nearly one-million-year difference between African and Asian fossils, along with the more primitive features of the early African fossils, contributed to the idea that Homo ergaster and Homo erectus were two species. "

Get that? Since they were so far apart, they MUST have been different species.

Except this one doesn't follow the rule.

Examine the two heads in this picture (3rd row, 2nd from left) and you can see the vast amount of variation within a single species at the exact same time.

Now look at the skulls in Talk Origins comparison chart. See the problem with considering morphology = phylogeny? Just because I can line up a series of forks and spoons in a manner which shows how they are similar, it doesn't mean they come from each other.

That is, of course, a simplification of only one of the several evidences for evolution. It is a big one, though. Another would be the dating of the finds - but since scientists still can't date Java Man (according to Talk Origins), how accurate is it? Answers in Genesis doesn't think it is at all.

There is little to be lost by critically examining the issue. Both sides have changed their positions on specific details while sticking to the basic ideas. I'm not sure either can be proven.

I found the link to the story on Drudge, but he doesn't need the traffic.


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