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Friday, June 03, 2005

Filibuster This!

I am writing in the blind on this one.

That is, to say, that I haven't reviewed what others around the 'sphere are saying (er, said a week ago) about it. I wanted to post while I had time and I'll check out the field later.

As best I can tell, there were three results to the filibuter compromise:

1) John McCain wins.
2) Bill Frist loses.
3) Harry Reid loses.

However, only McCain's victory was significant, in a relative sense. Here's why.

McCain is a media hound. He loves media attention, and they are glad to give it to him. McCain should be lifted up for his Viet Nam service as the heroic figure he was then - but as a Senator, he is only about publicizing himself. This venture was very successful in that respect. Also, since it is the respect that he would care the most about, he is a big winner.

Bill Frist lost the opportunity to score political points by giving a beat down to the Democrats. However, to most of us who cared, this fight was not about political points or proving who was boss - it was about ending filibusters of judges based upon politics and ideology. Owens, Brown and Pryor, the three who were supposedly the 'worst' are all confirmed or headed for confirmation. I'll take it, since I am on Frist's team right now. (Not for POTUS, mind you, but in the big picture sense).

Harry Reid lost because 'extremist judges' are confirmed and getting confirmed. However, for Reid, it was never about extremist judges - it was about political manuevering and political gain. He was able to stop the beat down, which made him look good. He kept his filibuster available for the future Supreme Court nominee down the road.

You see, if the Democratic party were concerned with principle, they would hate this. Owens, Brown and Pryor are the ones that, on paper, look like the three least likely to advance radical liberal agendas. Thus, if they were going to cave on anyone, it should have never been them. Owens was sooooo bad that she was filibustered for 4 years. Now she is good enough, so he declares victory? It's only victory if you get what you care about Harry. As I have said before, it was never about extremist judges - and Harry Reid's response following proved it.

The future? Bill Frist needs to push all the nominees forward ASAP. Bring the fight on now. See if the filibuster happens. If Brown, Owens and Pryor are not "extraordinary circumstances", what will be? Methinks this fight is merely delayed...


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