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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Theology of Toddlers

Case 1: I smelled a messy diaper as my toddler ran by the other day. I said to him, "Corin, are you poopy?" He looked me straight in the face and said, "No."

Case 2: I spot Corin running from the bedroom with an eyeliner pencil in his hand. I stop him and say, "What is that in your hand?" He responds by hiding it behind his back and acting like he has no idea what I am saying.

After Case 2, I ask Mrs. Hammer, "He lies and steals! Where did he learn that?!"

She replies, "He learned it from Adam."

I look at her quizzically, rushing through all of his little friends in my head, none of whom are named Adam. "Who?"

She answers, "It's called sin, honey."

Add "theologically solid" to the list of Mrs. Hammer's admirable qualities of intelligence, charm, wit, beauty, grace, a heart for others, and a heart for God. John Piper has nothing on her!


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