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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Next Things

When you take a course in Systematic Theology, and you come to the subjects that involve heaven, hell, the second coming and the final judgment, it is summarized as “Last Things”. This obviously isn’t about that – it’s just a quick preview of the plan for what’s coming next here at Team Hammer.

I’ve been on vacation and completing final exams for this semester, hence my lack of posting and comments, but while some of my time previously allocated toward school will be used for sermon preparation as I preach through Isaiah this summer, I will have some more time to blog.

The next series will address the freedom of the will. Based upon the writings of Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, Bruce Ware, and others, it will be simultaneously a case against hyper-Calvinism and Arminianism – because they share the concept of freedom of the will that I believe is erroneous.

Following that will be a two or three post series presenting what I think are the most compelling cases for and against theistic evolution. I have done some reading for both sides recently, and find both cases worthy of serious consideration.

Third will be a short series on the Trinity. Recognizing that it is truly a concept beyond our understanding, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t understand it to the limits that we have. I think it is the doctrine that most separates Christianity from every other religion, more even than other unique aspects of Christianity.

Finally (at least as finally as this plan goes) will be what I think will be the most thorough series yet, one that surpasses my series on Biblical Inerrancy in scope, research and level of detail. The subject is one worthy of such a work – the atonement. I hope that UK John will be constructing his at the same time, to provide a contrast for our dozen readers!


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