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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why You Have to Stay on Message

Some Joker named Ed Kline has put out a smear book on Senator Clinton.

Am I a Clinton fan? No. However, what relevance her real or alleged sexual preferences, her sexual relationship with her husband, her possible extramarital affairs, or her position on her husband's philandering have to do with ANYTHING I cannot figure out.

You see, Mr. Kline says he is attempting to "expose her character". Some of the things in his book may actually do that. However, much of the above info is the kind of stuff you expect to see at a celebrity trial, not discussed about our poiticians.

Kline eliminated any chance he amy have had to show how Hillary railroaded other women to get more power for herself by printing this kind of smut along with valid assettions that would interest the voters. Whether it was a personal vandetta or a play for more sales we'll never know. All we do know is that the book is now going to be ignored by thinking citizens.

Team Hammer - we may be wrong, but at least we stay on the Scan-tron.


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