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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Such was the cry of my two-year-old upon exiting his room Christmas morning and seeing the gifts beneath the tree for the first time. He doesn't get how they appeared, but he knows that opening them is fun!

His favorite gifts were a counting toy, (like this, but not in pastels), and one of our older boy's toys that he received about 7 years ago - a matchbox car garage too simple to find a similar picture these days. He puts each car on the top level and watches them roll down to the bottom with great delight. If you want to find some more joy in Christmas, get a two-year-old.

Hammertime received some great reading: Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, Bonhoeffer, Nettles, and a new release this year, Total Truth.

I am alreadly 1/4 of the way through Nettles' book, and plan on ordering his "Ready for Reformation" after I've read the ones in the docket.

Books rock. My two-year old agrees, as he had one of us read to him for 70% of his waking hours on Monday. His interests are more of the Max the Bunny or Elmo type.


  • Two year olds are great. Our fun this year was David handing out presents and saying Merry Christmas!

    He too is a book reader. He recieved 15 Dr Seuss books this year and if we'd let him he'd have us read all 15 one right after the other.

    What a great age!

    By Blogger anna, at 1/02/2006 12:53:00 PM  

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